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A Note from Meghan Hanson, Our Associate General Counsel
Meghan Hanson, TechSoup 2016 is already off to a running start. I am looking forward to my third year with the NGOsource team, as we continue to expand our reach in more than 100 countries worldwide and help streamline international philanthropy. Without a doubt, the best part of my job is when I feel that I have made someone else's job or day a little bit easier — whether it is through a creative solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem, taking time to help someone understand the often complex world of U.S. tax law that the NGOsource tools are built around, volunteering in my local community, or helping my kids with their homework.

Recently, my 10 year old and I were reading about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., because we honored him last month for his philosophy of nonviolence and his role in the advancement of the civil rights movement. One of his quotes rang very true to me, and I hope it will inspire you as well in the New Year: The time is always right to do what is right.

Wishing you all the best,

Meghan Hanson, Associate General Counsel

Understanding ED: The Public Support Test
Understanding ED: The Public Support Test
Our legal team works hard to certify as many EDs as possible. Learn more about how we accomplish this by reading about a key part of equivalency determination (ED): the public support test.

Impact Story: Education in Pakistan
Impact Story: Education in Pakistan
The Institute for Development Studies and Practice is revolutionizing education in Pakistan — read about how getting ED certified through NGOsource has increased its impact.

Welcome to Our Newest Members!
Newest members
Increasing NGOsource membership leads to a larger repository of completed equivalency determinations (EDs). Our members benefit from each other's completed EDs. When grantmakers request an ED that's already completed, we can reissue it to another member in one day for $250. We all share EDs under the NGOsource model.

Please join us in welcoming these new members to the NGOsource community:
  • Alcoa Foundation
  • Arthur D. and Dianna L. Hurtado Foundation
  • Co:Mission Foundation
  • The Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation
  • Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation
  • Jab World Foundation
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • Planet Heritage Foundation
  • resqme Foundation
  • The Schmidt Family Foundation
  • Vestige Foundation
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We do the legwork, legal work, and paperwork for you. NGOsource allows U.S. grantmakers to quickly and accurately determine if a non-U.S. NGO is equivalent to a U.S. public charity (the process of "equivalency determination" or "ED").
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"[ED] gave a very high level of credibility with our partners, in the government of Pakistan. … As director of IDSP, I presented it to my board who was very … inspired and felt deep confidence in their position and in the organization."

— Dr. Quratul Ain Bakhteari, Institute for Development Studies and Practice

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Members: your global reach is growing. NGOsource has processed EDs in 100 countries.
We'll be attending conferences held by Grants Managers Network in New Orleans from March 14 – 16, and the Council on Foundations in DC on April 10 – 12. If you're attending, bring us your questions or come say "hello"!
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