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Anniversary Update: Democratizing Int'l Giving
Diagram illustrating the ngo certification process with and without ngosource
As we celebrate two years since NGOsource's launch, general manager Ken Tsunoda reveals how far we've come. With 650+ ED requests, 50+ requests/month on average, and 26% of the NGOs requested already certified in our repository, we're primed to top 1,000 NGOs in our repository by year's end.

What does that mean? It means 1 in 4 NGOs requested are already certified by NGOsource, so any member can get an ED for one of those NGOs for only $250. And the number of NGOs in our repository is rising fast — we're democratizing international philanthropy and lowering the cost for anyone who wants to give globally. Read Ken's update.

Meet Us at CoF in Sunny San Francisco!
Leading Together - Hope and Opportunity in a Destabilized World
The Council on Foundations (one of our founding partners) is holding its annual meeting "Leading Together" April 26-28, 2015, in our hometown of San Francisco, California.

San Franciscans love to play tour guide. Let us show you our beautiful city — or drop by our NGOsource and TechSoup booths at CoF to find out how we can make your work easier.

Our general counsel Sheila Warren will be speaking at a session on legal and practical barriers to cross-border grantmaking on Monday, April 27.

Gawad Kalinga: 5 Million Families by 2024
Gawad Kalinga offers hope to end the cycle of extreme poverty by targeting the culture of poverty and empowering the poor
When 195-mph winds obliterated entire communities, left 632,000 people displaced and 449,000 in evacuation centers, and made daily life "worse than hell," the poorest in coastal Philippines towns were the worst hit, suffering extreme homelessness, hunger, and lack of access to aid supplies.

The super typhoon changed the country for decades to come, but NGO Gawad Kalinga ("give care") offers hope to end the cycle of extreme poverty by targeting the culture of poverty and empowering the poor to help themselves and their communities. Read how NGOsource helps them, and how Gawad Kalinga is building more than homes — they're building a future of hope for people who've seen too much despair.

GMN Wrap Up: Int'l Grantmaking Legal Options
(Meghan Hanson)

Last month at the Grants Managers Network conference our senior counsel Meghan Hanson and general manager Ken Tsunoda led a panel on legal routes and risks of grantmaking abroad. The panel outlined differences between using an intermediary vs. doing it yourself, expenditure responsibility (ER) vs. equivalency determination (ED), compliance resources, and how NGOsource has helped GMN members meet IRS requirements. See how NGOsource works.

Tsunoda and Kyle Reis
(Ken Tsunoda and Kyle Reis)

Welcome to Our Newest Members!
A child offers a helping hand to another child climbing a hill
Increasing NGOsource membership leads to a larger repository of completed equivalency determinations (EDs). Our members benefit from each other's completed EDs. When grantmakers request an ED that's already completed, we can reissue it to another member in one day for $250. We all share EDs under the NGOsource model.

Please join us in welcoming these new members:
  • The Allergan Foundation
  • America Developing Smiles
  • Arie and Ida Crown Memorial
  • David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • General Service Foundation
  • The Henry Luce Foundation
  • John Templeton Foundation
  • The Mosaic Company Foundation
  • Yours in Soccer Foundation
We do the legwork, legal work, and paperwork for you. NGOsource allows U.S. grantmakers to quickly and accurately determine if an overseas NGO is equivalent to a U.S. public charity (the process of "equivalency determination" or "ED").
83 Countries!
Members: your global reach is growing.
Earth and a checkmark
"We at Gawad Kalinga know that to end poverty for five million families by 2024, we need to expand the work and advocacy of caring and sharing across countries, to build a better, safer, and kinder world. Reaching more people and making it easier for them to help out is critical, and NGOsource has made this easier."

— Issa Cuevas-Santos, Gawad Kalinga
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