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Find EDs Faster on the Grantmaker Portal
Find EDs Faster on the Grantmaker Portal
Enjoy a number of improvements to the Grantmaker Portal, where our members log in to search for EDs, check their status, and manage their account. Now you can browse ED requests in the system without having to search by name, change your profile more easily, add funds without contacting customer service, view expiration dates for all EDs, and enjoy a better experience overall. Members can log in anytime.

Office for Mac 2011 Is So Much Easier!
Thankful for Support of a Valuable Resource
Thankful for 
Support of a Valuable Resource
Our warm thanks and appreciation go out to W. K. Kellogg Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and The Lemelson Foundation for general funding gifts this year.

Office for Mac 2011 Is So Much Easier!
Welcome to Our Newest Members!
Welcome to Our Newest Members!
Increasing NGOsource membership leads to a larger repository of completed equivalency determinations (EDs). Our members benefit from each other's completed EDs. Because we all share in the work that's been completed, the rate to reissue is more affordable.

Please join us in welcoming these new members:

• The Fuller Foundation
• The Lemelson Foundation
• The Simons Foundation
Exponent Philanthropy
Exponent Philanthropy
Oct. 30 – Nov. 1
Washington, D.C.
We’re attending to help make global giving exponentially better for grantmakers of all sizes. Come see how we help funders with few or no staff — from our legal experts and native speakers to a vast repository of EDs on NGOs all over the world.

Council on Foundations
Council on Foundations
Oct. 19 – 22
Cleveland, Ohio
We’ll be here to mark the first 100 years of community foundation service and leadership. If you’re attending, we invite you to come learn how NGOsource helps the community of international funders.
75 Countries!
Members: your global reach is growing.
We do the legwork, legal work, and paperwork for you. NGOsource allows U.S. grantmakers to quickly and accurately determine if an overseas NGO is equivalent to a U.S. public charity (the process of "equivalency determination" or “ED”).
Need help or have questions? Visit our contact page. Email us at Check out our FAQs.

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