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Legal Changes in Mexico Add Complexity
 Legal Changes in 
Mexico Add Complexity
The NGOsource legal team keeps close track of legal changes that impact equivalency determinations (EDs) and international grantmaking around the world. We found changes to NGO laws in Mexico now make it more difficult for a nonspecialist to evaluate Mexican NGOs for an ED. Our team has always applied this high level of scrutiny, so our ED process already includes such a review. Read the update from our legal team.

Future Vision: Never Turn Away “Small” Gifts
Future Vision: Never Turn Away
Smaller foundations who want to make grants abroad of $25,000 or less face difficulties: Without specialized staff, they must rely on outside advisors and that can be cost prohibitive.

As a family foundation’s former executive director who had to make those tough calls, our general manager Ken Tsunoda explains why NGOsource and its ED repository could have made all the difference for him with EDs for $250 if they’re already in the repository. To understand the challenges he faced and why he supports the ED-repository vision for the future, especially for enabling smaller grants, see Ken’s story.

To allow smaller grantmakers to try NGOsource, we are offering a Small Foundation Special: Organizations with annual giving budgets of $5 million or less can become NGOsource members without paying a first-year membership fee.

Upcoming Conferences: Come Say “Hello”
 Upcoming Conferences: Come Say 
Bring us your questions if you’re at the Grants Managers Network’s 10th annual conference March 16–18, 2015, in National Harbor outside Washington D.C.

Join our general counsel, Sheila Warren, for a panel session on the global civil society landscape on Tuesday, March 17, at 4 p.m. And to learn about the various options for international grantmaking, attend the session on Monday, March 16, at 4:15 p.m. with our senior counsel, Meghan Hanson.

Specialized Templates Streamline the Process
The Council on Foundations (one of our founding partners) is holding its annual meeting “Leading Together” April 26–28, 2015, in our hometown of San Francisco, California.

Welcome to Our Newest Members!
Welcome to Our Newest Members!
A growing NGOsource membership leads to a larger repository of completed equivalency determinations (EDs). Our members benefit from each other's completed EDs. Because we all share in the work that's completed, the rate to reissue is more affordable.

Please join us in welcoming these new members:

• Amoud Foundation
• Bruce Arnold Foundations
• ClimateWorks Foundation
• C.S. Mott Foundation
• Dalio Foundation
• Girls Rights Project
• Haitian National Congress, Inc.
• The Helen Diller Family Foundation
• Jacobson Family Foundation
• Lawrence Connected Incorporated
• Swift Foundation

We Added Another LLM to Our Legal Team
Assistant counsel Saerin Cho works to help review legal issues that arise in equivalency determinations. She holds a JD and LLM in taxation from University of San Diego School of Law.

Saerin’s prior practice focused on M&A tax matters as well as high-net-worth individuals and their investments. She also cofounded several nonprofit organizations and currently serves on the executive committee of a local tax lawyer organization. Get the latest legal update in her first blog post.
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Also see our Small Foundation Special offer to waive the first-year membership fee.
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